EDGE is your Headquarters for Tire, Alignment and Chassis Services!


Did you know that EDGE Motorworks is your headquarters for all things tire, wheel and chassis related for all of your cars?

With the recent acquisition of this state-of-the-art Hunter Auto 34 Leverless Tire Changer for our Mountain View shop, both EDGE facilities are now equipped with the most advanced Hunter Mounting, Balancing and Alignment  equipment available.

So, when you are looking for the best Mounting, RoadForce™ balancing and Alignment service for your street car, race car or tow vehicle, you can enjoy EDGE’s high quality and personalized touch!
Call EDGE Motorworks first when you need Tire and Chassis Services!

EDGE Picks Up A New Racecar for STX

Although a slight departure from our normal Bavarian fare, we think the Suburu BRZ is an amazing example of a reasonably-priced sports car that anyone can love.  In fact, it reminds us a lot of the e36 325is cars we own and race.  Similar power to weight, LSD, great suspension, front-engine, rear-drive, etc.

Our plan is to develop this car for STX competition and track day use.  We will be documenting all performance related modifications with before and after dyno testing and all suspension mods with lap times at Sears Point.  We look forward to this adventure and we’ll see you at the track!!

Here is a list of what we have planned:

Kosei K4R 17X8   Sub 15lb wheel
BFG gForce Rival (New hot tire and BFG has a tire contingency program)
or Dunlop Direzza ZII  245/40X7
KW V3 Coilovers
Vorschlag (or another) camber plates
Eibach or Hotchkis sway bars
Perrin ECUTekTune
Injen Intake
Works Mid and Rear exhaust sections
STI or aftermarket engine mounts
Modified stock trans mount

EDGE Open In Mountain View, CA

EDGE Motorworks Opens New Service Facility and Race Shop in Mountain View

BMW and MINI maintenance, performance upgrades, and race services

Mountain View, CA, January 31st, 2013 EDGE Motorworks, Inc. has opened a new, state-of-the-art service facility and race shop in the heart of the Peninsula.  The new location features Hunter mounting/balancing and alignment equipment, 4 service bays, and plenty of room for long-term race builds.

EDGE Motorworks will service existing and new customers in the South Bay with the same great service for BMW and MINI as they have been delivering in their Dublin location for years:

  • Complimentary under-car inspection
  • Fault-code scanning and diagnosis
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Factory recommended service on BMW and MINI vehicles
  • Brakes and suspension service and upgrades
  • Wheel and tire services with leverless tire mounting and Road-Force balancing equipment
  • Complete engine and trans­mission repair and maintenance
  • Cooling-system service
  • Alignment with the state-of-the-art Hunter alignment system
  • Drivetrain and exhaust repair and upgrades
  • Electrical diagnosis and repair

EDGE has joined forces with APEX Race Parts to deliver a full array of performance and race services. Our APEX Performance Services are focused on delivering upgrades and services, customized to your driving needs. From daily drivers to no-compromise racecars, APEX Performance Services deliver handling, braking, and power upgrades to maximize your car’s potential:

  • Custom Autocross, track, and race alignment
  • Suspension and chassis tuning
  • Wheel & tire services with track-specific preparation
  • Brake upgrades and track preparation
  • Engine tuning and exhaust upgrades
  • Complimentary track-day tech inspections for BMW CCA and NASA members
  • Racecar construction, tuning, support, and maintenance

Call today or come in for a free consultation. Whether you are looking for general maintenance for your BMW or MINI, you want to upgrade your car’s performance, or build that racecar you’ve always dreamt about, EDGE has the experience and facility to optimize your driving experience.

EDGE Motorworks, Mountain View
2235 Old Middlefield Way
Mountain View, CA 94043

(650) 318-5093





EDGE Motorworks Announces APEX Performance Services

EDGE Motorworks is pleased to announce our APEX Performance line of services for all makes and models. “Although our focus has always been BMWs and MINIs, we have been helping local racers and enthusiasts dial in their non-BMW/MINI suspension and alignment for years,” says EDGE’s Erik Lind. “As our staff has grown we have expanded our knowledge and now want to provide a distinct set of services to all high performance cars and drivers.”

Gordon White, President of EDGE Motorworks adds,”We have invested in the best equipment possible. When you combine that with our experience and racing success, you can be assured of an exceptional outcome.”

That equipment includes a Hunter Laser Aligner, Auto34 Mounting System and RoadForce Balancer. This equipment is all manned by people who drive, race and love high performance cars.  Our APEX Performance technicians will start the process by consulting with each customer to understand their driving style, concerns about tire wear, turn-in, ride quality, etc. The APEX crew will then create a customized set of recommendations for alignment, tire/wheel choice, suspension and braking that will help each customer optimize his or her driving experience.

For more information, check out the APEX Performance page.

EDGE Motorworks Opening New Service Facility and Race Shop on the Peninsula

EDGE Motorworks, Inc. is pleased to announce that we are building a state-of-the-art facility in the heart of the Peninsula.  The new location will feature top–notch Hunter mounting/balancing and alignment equipment, 4 service bays, and plenty of room for long-term race project builds. The construction is underway and the opening is scheduled for Summer 2012.
The decision to open a new facility was obvious. For years, we have been getting customer requests to open another shop in the South Bay area. In addition to the same great service we have been delivering in our Dublin location, EDGE has joined forces with a to-be-announced partner to deliver a full array of Race/HPDE build and support services.
That’s just the start of our exciting news–stay tuned for more updates on our new location, new partnership and special offers to our loyal customers!

Please share this link if you are as excited as we are!
Thanks! Gordon, Erik, Sarah, Tony, JT and Derick

Welcome to EDGE Motorworks!

EDGE Motorworks offers everything from BMW/MINI Scheduled maintenance (Inspection I and II included) to full-on race car preparation. We also have access to thousands of parts for BMW and MINI, with deliveries from our suppliers 4 times a day. This means your car spends less time in the shop and more time on the road!

Founded by long-time BMW enthusiasts and racers, all EDGE team members own and drive BMWs, both on the street and on the track. We love BMWs and MINIs, and that passion has allowed us to deliver outstanding service and value year after year. Our business is almost entirely referral based, and that’s how we know we are doing a good job!

When Should You Change Your Oil? Maybe Sooner Than You Think!

How often should you change your oil? When is it really necessary? Well BMW has, since the ‘80’s, provided their drivers with an “Oil” and a “Service” indicator. The “Oil” part is pretty self-explanatory, and the “Service” part generally includes an oil change, so anytime that indicator is on, the “system” thinks you need an oil change.

These indicators look at other factors aside from just mileage. The earlier units looked at gallons of fuel used over time as another way to gauge how the car was being used and, therefore, estimate mileage. More sophisticated, modern systems look at things like Idle Time and how hard the vehicle has been driven to determine the interval. Factory intervals may be as much as 15k miles.

With modern, synthetic oils, the oil remains stable for much longer than most people think. 15-20k down the road, most modern synthetics will still test well in the lab. Where we have seen issues is in the filtration. Even the factory filters typically look pretty bad at 7-8k, and by 15k they are scary looking. With recent warranties, you’ll get your 100k miles out of a BMW, even with the extended intervals. The problem starts when the second owner (maybe you) gets the car with the sludge buildup already in place. Couple that with any service that may have been done somewhere other than a dealer or a quality garage like EDGE Motorworks, and you may have a recipe for disaster.

EDGE recommends that you change your oil every 7500 miles or so. This effectively splits the indicator interval in half for most drivers. We have found that this method keeps the valvetrain and oil pan/baffles clear of the nasty buildup you see in the pics. So, if you value your investment, when you see the indicator reach the halfway mark, make an appointment for an oil change. Five years down the road, you’ll be glad you did!

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EDGE Recycles an X5 3.0

Some time ago, Tony and Sarah acquired a 2002 X5 3.0 that had some “miscellaneous” issues. After initial inspection, the X needed all of the normal things: brakes, CVs, valve cover gasket, etc. The customer then noted that the truck had been sitting for 3 years after a “severe overheat.” A block check revealed that the headgasket had indeed been compromised and, after removing the valve cover, we confirmed that several of the headbolts had lost tension.

This issue is unfortunately common with the aluminum block/aluminum head M54 engines. Cooling systems fail and even a minor overheat can cause the head bolts to pull the threads out of the aluminum block. Generally, this means tossing out the old engine and replacing it with a remanufactured engine. This route is not exactly cost-effective for a consumer. In this case, the customer bailed out and sold the X5 at a very reasonable price to Tony and Sarah.

We have, on two other occasions, repaired these aluminum blocks using pinned, thread inserts installed into the block. This requires a special jig and some expensive inserts, but its worth the time if it saves the expense of a new engine.

This weekend, Sarah flexed her muscles and tore the head off of the X5 to see just how bad things were in there.  The red dye you see is used to check for cracks, and fortunately, this M54 does not appear to have any at the moment. The head is warped a bit, so we’ll send it over to the machine shop to true it up. Check out that head bolt! That’s engine block on the threads of the bolt!

Stay tuned for more updates and a hopefully successful outcome!